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Red Magic brings to you smartphone service at home. Now get your Red Magic serviced right from the comfort of your home, by simply filling a quick form, click below to proceed.
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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Q1: What is the process of the nubia mailing service?
    A1: Please follow this easy & simple process:
    1.The customer must click the following link for the pickup service:, and fill in the required information.
    2.The customer must dispatch the device to nubia’s official service centre located in Delhi. Once dispatched the tracking number must be added on the same page where the customer registered. The delivery challan must be dispatched along with the device.
    3.The service centre will start to repair the device once received.
    4.The service centre will dispatch the repaired device back to the customer.
  2. Q2: Who will bear the cost of the logistics fee?
    A2: The customer will pay the logistics fee when the device is dispatched to the nubia service centre. nubia will bear the logistics fees for an in-warranty device when the device is being sent back to the customer. The customer will bear the 2-way logistics fee for an out of warranty device.
  3. Q3: How much will it take for the device to be repaired and dispatched?
    A3: The service centre will repair the phone within 1 day. Once repaired, the device will be shipped out and should be delivered in 4 days. Delivery time may vary depending on the customer’s location.
  4. Q4: What is the address of the service centre in Delhi?
    A4: Details below:
    Name: Goodluck Communication
    Contact No: 9654703828, 011-40511998
    Address: Office Flat No 37, 3rd Floor, Satkar Building, 79-80, Nehru Place, Delhi – 110019You can also find the details on nubia’s official webpage and pickup system webpage.
  5. Q5: Can I dispatch my OOW (out of warranty) device to this service centre?
    A5: Yes, you can. The related OOW fees will be paid by the customer. The customer must contact
    the service centre to check how to pay the fee online.
  6. Q6: What information is required while sending the device?
    A6: The information you fill on the pickup webpage should be correct and accurate, especially the
    address. The contact number should be valid. Please pack your device well in case of damage
    during transit.
  7. Q7: Who should I contact if I face an issue while filling in the information on the service system?
    A7: You can contact -9654703828, 011-40511998 or email If
    the issue still persists then email
  8. Q8: What if I have dispatched my device to the service centre in an OOW case, however, the fee
    for repairing the device is more than expected, due to which I decline to get my device repaired,
    will I still have to pay a fee?
    A8: Yes, you have to pay inspection charges to the service centre – Rs. 100 + GST (18%).
  9. Q9: Is there any device on loan given by the service centre while my device is being repaired?
    A9: No device will be given on loan by the service centre.
  10. Q10: Can I get a quotation on call or mail from the support desk or service centre in an OOW case?
    A10: No, you need to send the device to the service centre after completing ELS of the particular
    device only then the service centre will able to share the quotation for the repair of the device.